Over the weekend, round 2 of the French Supermoto Championship took place at Mirecourt. Laurent Fath took everyone by surprise and won this round in S1 class. Sylvain Bidart had to make do with second place because of a flat tire in race 1. A nice achievemebnt by Team Luc1 Owatrol Honda‘s riders. In S2 class, Germain Vincenot was very fast but finished second because of a small mistake in race 1.


S1: Sylvain Bidart 64 : “The weekend was very good. On Saturday I did the best lap time in both free practice sessions, On Sunday I did it again in the warm-up session. Then in timed practice I managed a really good time that got me the pole position. In race 1, I did the holeshot, and I managed to create a good gap with Laurent, who was behind me. About half way through the race, I had a slow puncture on my front wheel. I couldn’t keep my speed up. I lost a few places but I finished fifth. I’m really happy with this, because with a flat tire it was not easy. In race 2 I did the holeshot again, and again I managed to increase the gap with the riders behind me. I was very careful where I put my wheels because I didn’t want another flat tire. I won the race, and so I finished second for the day. And the team still wins, so it is just great news, you know.
I am really happy for Laurent. This is crazy – he’s ridden a supermoto twice in his life, and he wins a round of the French Championship. The speed of his progress is surprising. At the same time, unfortunately for him he’s not just a kid who rides supermoto any more, he’s a big name in the French Championship.”
S1: Laurent Fath 98 : “It is my first win in the French Championship, it is great even if my true place was more second, beacuse Sylvain was really faster than me. Unfortunately he had a flat tire. Otherwise I am really happy about what I achieved today. It wasn’t easy at first, but thank to the advice I got from Ludo and the team, it worked out and I am really pleased.
In race one I did an average start, I started 4th or 5th, but I caught up fairly quickly in the dirt section. I was second behind Sylvain, with a confortable gap between me and the guys behind me, and when Sylvain had his flat I passed him and I was first. I kept it up for two laps and I won the race.
In race 2 I did a better start, I was second right from the start, I caught on a good pace, and I finished second.”


S2: Germain Vincenot 11 : “So it was a race weekend at Mirecourt, at home. We like this track a lot, we train here often. It went pretty well, with a great offroad section that works out not bad for me. I did the best lap time in timed practice, with a comfortable advantage.
In race 1, I was leading for the entire race, but in the last lap I made a mistake and crashed in the dirt section. I finished third. In race 2 I set things right by doing the holeshot and winning the race. I am really happy because I scored more points than anyone else (timed practice scores points but doesn’t count for the podium). Now I have to get on with it. And I am really happy for my fellow riders – there is really a good dynamics going on in the team.”


Ludovic Lucquin : “It was really a great weekend. I really liked that we had this round in Mirecourt. We know the owners, Damien and Pierre, really well, because we come here often to train. It’s a great setup, it is truly ideal for supermoto.
We had good weather, and a great show in all classes. In S2, Germain Vincenot was in a great shape, he did the best lap time in timed practice by over one second. In race one he was leading by 4 to 6 seconds, but in the last lap he made a small mistake in the dirt section and crashed. He finished third. In race 2 he does the holeshot and he wins the race. So overall he scores a few points and catches up on the points standings, but it could have been better.
In S1 class, in race 1 Sylvain does the holeshot and takes the lead, but a few laps from the end he has a flat tire on the front wheel. It was a complicated race, he managed to keep going but with two laps to go, his opponents caught up with him and passed him. He finished 5th. But Laurent was second and so he took the lead and won the race.
In race 2, Sylvain does the holeshot and wins the race rather easily. Laurent finishes second, and wins the round overall. Team Luc1 Owatrol Honda wins the two best places, I couldn’t be happier.

Luc1 Cup was great also, there was some tension among the leaders. Of course there is a bike to be won, so everyone is hard at it. But other than that, the atmosphere is really good. We give away really good stuff to all the riders who take part, and it is really a pleasure to see them smile afterwards!”