Round 6 of French Supermoto Championship took place at the heart of the superb resort of l’Alpe d’Huez, under difficult weather conditions.
For team Luc1 Owatrol Honda, it was a good comeback by Sylvain Bidart after his injury in Magny-Cours during the previous race. There were some impressive competitors: German racer Marc-Reiner Schmidt, 2015 European Champion and Adrien Chareyre, four times World Champion and standing French Champion.
Thanks to Sylvain’s good result, it is now certain that the 2015 French title will be won by a Luc1 racer. It will be the 18th title in the already impressive list of Luc1’s achievements. Laurent Fath was less successful as he finished 5th overall, but he is still learning fast and taking in experience. In S2 class, Germain Vincenot finishes 4th for the weekend.


Sylvain Bidart : “Saturday was very good, we had great weather, we were able to enjoy the landscape. I took the pole position, as we had the timed practice session on Saturday unlike previous races. Sunday was more complicated, the weather was all over the place, the track was mostly drying, which made tire choices difficult. And I was still recovering from my broken collarbone in Magny-Cours. I finished second and third in the races, it was not bad, I am increasing he gap in the points standings, so I am really happy with my weekend. On top of the team that supports me every weekend, I would really like to thank Dr Sarran, who performed the surgery on my collarbone, and Christian Talou, my physiotherapist who has been working with me for years. Both did an outstanding job so that I could be on top this weekend.”
Laurent Fath : “This weekend was not really great for me, but still it was an opportunity to ride in very different conditions. The weather changing from sunny to wet made tire choices hard. Actually it was my first time riding supermoto in the wet, and I did not do too bad. Of course it would have been great to do better and to be on the podium, but it just was not meant to be. There were some impressive riders, the Champion of Europe and a four-time World Champion. The races were hot and I did fight rather well. I felt great physically, and I managed to catch up to my competitors when they started to feel a bit tired half way through the race. I did some good laps where my times were close to those of the best, so there is a silver lining.”


Germain Vincenot : “This weekend was not really good for me. I fought hard to do the third time in timed practice, it was tough. Sunday was less good, the weather was not nice, the track was soaked and we rode with wet tires. It had been a long time since I rode in these conditions, I had to get used to these sensations again. In race 1 I did a bad start, I came out fourth. By the time I could try to pass other guys, I had problems with my goggles and I had to take them off, which did not help. In race 2, I was in fourth place again after the start. I was faster though, and I could have taken a second place, but I could not find an opportunity to pass. The race was red-flagged so it was shorter. I am disappointed but this is the way it is…”


Ludovic Lucquin : “It is always a great pleasure to come here to l’Alpe d’Huez. We always feel welcome, the setup is amazing, there are so many things to do around the resort, everyone is really happy. This year the races were a bit more difficult because of the changing weather. It was nice and sunny on Saturday, but on Sunday we had everything from sun to fog and rain. In S2 class, Germain came home a fourth in both races. He did his races, he kept up with the leading pack, he would have needed a better start to have a better result, but that’s the way it is.
In S1 class, Sylvain took the pole position, it was really good. He fought hard with Marc-Reiner Schmidt, 2015 Supermoto European Champion. This shows that the level in France in really good. Laurent had it a bit harder this time. He was fifth in timed practice, he had to get used to the track and to wet conditions. Sylvain did a great race in heat 1, he took a good start, he was leading for most of the race, and towards the end Marc-Reiner Schmidt passed him. Because Schmidt is not fighting for the title, Sylvain preferred to play it safe with a second place, so he could increase the gap in the points standings, and that is exactly what he had to do. He did the same again in heat 2. Now he’s leading by 75 points over the third competitor, which means that the S1 title will be won by a Luc1 rider, whatever happens. So I am really happy, also really happy for the team because it was a really good weekend.
For the Luc1 Cup, we had a good time beacuse we had put in a great gift in the draw: a VIP ticket for the Motocross of Nations at the Honda hospitality, including accommodation, and testing of the 2016 Honda bikes the next day on the track. Actually the gift was not awarded because one of the riders had left, so it will be put back in the draw for the last round in Le Castellet.”